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Baking Ingredients


Each cake made from 100% scratch

& with love






Vanilla Butter or Chocolate cake |  Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream

 Red Velvet Cake |  Cream Cheese Frosting 


 Carrot Cake  |  Cream Cheese Frosting 


Funfetti Cake  |  Vanilla Sprinkles Buttercream 





 *Lemon Cake |  Chambord soak (optional)  |  Raspberry Jam  |  Vanilla Buttercream 

  Coconut Cake  |  Pineapple Coconut |  Cream Cheese Frosting  |  Lime Zest 

  Vanilla Butter Cake  |  Lemon Curd  |  Strawberry Jam  |  Strawberry Buttercream  




   *Almond Cake |  Dark Chocolate Ganache  |  Mocha Buttercream |  Cacao Nibs 


  Coconut Cake |  Salted Caramel  |  Coconut Creme  |  Crushed Pretzel  

  *Chocolate Cake  |  Kahlua Soak (optional)  |

Dulce de Leche Buttercream  | Chocolate Rice Krispee Crunch 


  Vanilla + Crushed Oreo Cake  |  Milk Chocolate Ganache  |  Oreo Buttercream 






*All Asterisks are Specialty Cakes that are an additional 0.50 cents per slice*


*Option to Customize Flavors is available- Price varies on Ingredients*

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