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Size Chart


Round Cake Pan Servings:

4-inch diameter: 4-6 servings
6-inch diameter: 10-12 servings 
8-inch diameter: 15- 20 servings
9-inch diameter: 20- 24 servings
10-inch diameter: 25- 28 servings 
12-inch diameter: 35- 40 servings

Square Cake Pan Servings: 

4" Diameter: 6-8 servings

6" Diameter: 8-10 servings

 8-inch: 15- 20 slices 
10-inch: 27- 30 servings 
12-inch: 45- 48 servings

                            **Depending on the design (especially with tiered and sculpted cakes), please discuss with cake designers which sizes would work best with your creation**



Dietary Restrictions



For nut allergies, we have a number of flavors that do not contain nuts, but please note that we do operate in a facility that processes tree nuts.

We do not offer a gluten-free or vegan option yet,… notice how we said, “yet.” We are still in the stages of developing that menu! Its coming, friends!




                          We offer pick-up and delivery 7 days a week from 10 am- 6 pm. All deliveries inside of dc proper Range from $10.00 - $20.00. Deliveries outside of the city (Maryland, Virginia and beyond) are priced based on distance.


If you first opted for pick-up, and life happens… we deliver as well! You must give us at least36 hour notice so we can make sure it fits into our route for the day



Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers are always a great extra touch for any cake! We offer 3 different ways to have flowers placed on cake


  1. Have the flowers delivered to us! 


If you have a very specific bouquet/ floral spread for your event, have the florist save some to the side and either drop them off to us or have a friend drop them off. We will apply them to the cake free of charge


2. We can get the flowers for you! 


Whether its from your florist, or you give us a color scheme to go off of and we pick them up for you, we’ve got you covered! With this option, an additional fee of the price of the bouquet along with pick up will depend on location of flowers and amount per bouquet- will be discussed before invoice is sent out



3. Have the flowers brought to the venue and we can apply them on site! 


Due to the time it takes to apply the flowers and tools to be brought to the venue, an additional $20 will be added to your total for “on-site flower application.” Please, please be sure to notify your florist that a small bouquet should be set aside for the cake!




Sugar Flowers and Shadow Boxes


Sugar flowers are such a great option to go with because they last forever!! Well… almost forever, with the proper care. 


Sugar flowers are so specific to each order, flat rate pricing just isn’t an option. Depending on the intricacy of the flower, how many are being made, and overall design- the final price will be discussed and explained by decorator during consultation. 


With the purchase of our sugar flowers, we will provide you with a care guide detailed with how to wrap, cover, and store for best preservation.


Another option is asking us about our shadow boxes! This is such a fun option because not only are you getting the arrangement for your big day on the cake, but also, we arrange them in a beautiful shadow box to be displayed as a piece of art anywhere in your house/ office/ etc. to remind you of such a happy moment!




Operating hours

Monday: Closed

     Tuesday- Saturday: 10 am- 6 pm

    Sunday:  10 am- 3 pm



Cancelation and Editing Policy

All orders are finalized 10 days out from agreed upon date. Any time before that, you have the option of changing/ editing anything on the order (size, flavor, venue location, etc).


If you need to reschedule for a later date, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible so we can check our availability and try our best to get you on the calendar for that date



Ordering Policy



Tastings Boxes


We offer a tasting box by request only


We offer a tasting box that you can purchase for either pickup or delivery. Each Box is $30 and contains 2 slices of 4 different flavors of your choice from our flavor list. We understand that some people want to taste our flavors before committing to a large order or simply want to participate in the great tradition of having a cake tasting to break up the wedding planning journey.

We do not offer in-person tastings currently at this time- Ask about a zoom/ FaceTime call if you'd like!

How to Order

Send an email to to schedule a date and time for pick up. Delivery is also available upon request. Choose 4 flavors from our flavor list, listed under the header "Taste." to be purchased at $30. Once the invoice has been sent and paid, you'll be all set!

1 free custom sketch (Unless going off of a chosen design). Any additional sketches $20 



Our buttercream

We use one of 2 different types of buttercream. We use American Buttercream, which is full fat butter and powdered sugar with a touch of heavy cream. It tends to be sweeter and denser- perfect for children's cakes or anyone who has a heavier sweet tooth!


The other buttercream, which is also what we use on the outside of all cakes (unless specifically requested otherwise) is called Italian Merengue Buttercream. Italian Buttercream is made from whipped egg whites, hot sugar, and butter. It's not as sweet and much lighter and creamier than American Buttercream. 



How to find Inspiration for your cake:


We want to make each cake unique to you and your event. 

At the end of the day we can pull inspiration from anything: a dress, a family heirloom, a color, an invitation or monogram, etc. A favorite hobby or favorite object. It can match the building the in which event is located… or we can pull inspiration from other cakes as well, but we can never guarantee the cake we make will look exactly like the picture sent- that takes all the fun out of the creativity!  


Timeline for Ordering 



                     We suggest putting your order in asap, as we  can not guarantee your order will be taken, the closer to the date it becomes. We are a small business and have limited space per week- needless to say, our weeks fill up quickly!

You must have put down at least a 50% deposit to save date or confirm order. Final balance is due a week before date of event. 


Changes to the order can only be made 1 week before the pick up time 

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